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The Green Mission

For every creation purchased an amount is going towards the craft of the "half coat / half mattress" prototype for people sleeping in the streets. 💚 The ongoing financing campaign will give us room to work on our social implication: here.

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The Purpose

The purpose of wearing BAAM is to continue the discussion about the environment and our unrealistic way of consuming. We created sustainable clothing made from recycled materials. ♻️ Green and Environnemental Thinking 💚 Eco Crafted Products 🤍 Local Canadian Product 💙 Made in Québec 🤍 Zero Waste Company. ♻️ Upcycling

#reuse #reduce #recycle

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Use you own material

BAAM Couture makes sustainable clothes from recycled materials like plastics, scraps of any kind, construction materials or other. Let us know if you want a clothing creation in an fabric of yours. Even if this fabric is not big enough we will make up the difference needed. 

Contact us to donate any flexible material in reasonable quantities. 


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The Auctions

Once a month a Unique Piece made from recycled materials will be put up for auction. the amount raised will go towards the realisation of the coat-mattress or a specified cause for the month. 🤍 Thank you very much for your involvement.

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custom made

I'm a Star

I would like to be dressed by BAAM for a special event. Contact us to take an appointment. 

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Safe Place


BAAM Couture wants to provide a safe and welcoming environment where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning people can share their love of fashion. All the Creations are unisex and intended for all genders. 🌈 #love

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