Questions and Answers

Do I make a difference for the envrionnement by buying from BAAM?

Yes, you do! The materials used for our clothing were intended to be thrown away.

How should I wash my BAAM Creation?

Because almost every piece of clothing we creat is made from a different material we recommend that the Creations should be washed by hand.

Can I wear my BAAM Creation in the rain (or snow)?

Yes! You can wear your BAAM Creation no matter the weather.

Does BAAM provide a size chart?

Clothing dimensions are in the description of each product page. For the "One-size-fits-all" Creations a minimum and maximum is mentioned.

What happens if my BAAM Creation breaks or is damaged?

We take care of all repairs free of charge to ensure that the materials do not return to landfills. Same thing if you no longer want your Creation, please return it to us. Contact us for more details.

Can there be traces of nuts in BAAM creations?

Because we work with plastic materials from grocery products we have decided to mention that there may be traces of nuts in BAAM Creations. Particularly in the quilt raincoats. Please note that the materials are washed beforehand.

Can I donate materials to BAAM?

You can contact us to donate clothes or any other flexible material.

What long-term effects do we want to inspire with our business?

We would love to wake people up by realizing that it is time to change our unrealistic consumption habits. Please don't self-sought by buying more ✨stuff✨. We also know that it is not easy. Good luck.

How much clothing ends up in landfills each year?

Around 92 million tons each year friend.